Sunday, October 15, 2006



Melbourne Indymedia features a post that claims that "Indy is dying".
Two obvious reasons are heavy handed censorship without a clear, easily locatable hidden dir where people are able to see clearly the infiltrators and other fascists destroying Indy AND of course troll and planned flood attacks from lobbies such as the Israel lobby and other groups who flood threads in order to kill activity and debate.
It would appear that those who actually care about Indymedia blame two problems for their woeful use of an open source media: censoring out articles that are offensive or there to flood the network, and people who make flood/troll attacks. In context, the argument is self-defeating. The comments, however, are quite enlightening:
Doesn't matter tho', reality is about to wield a big fucking stick to sort it all out. Only those in touch with their animal roots will survive. All the high brow, cerebral types will curl up and die. They haven't got the mongrel. Blessed be the right wing survivalists and left wing gutter crawlers for they shall inherit the earth. And between those two groups the individualism of the survivalists will succumb to the power of the collectivist tribes. Maybe there'll even be a critical mass for the human race to start civilisation again. Then again, maybe not.

One or two generations, three at the most.
So just continue in your non-existence you fucked up piece of NOTHING.
Pull your fingers out and get on with it before Big Brother like in China decides the time to comment and question the Authority of say Phil Ruddock is over.

By the way the 1984 updated play version on currently in melbourne is excellent look at the media, hate campaigns, fear industry, spins etc.
If you say so.

nazimedia is dead already in sweden and finland.
Indy is dying... does Netcraft confirm it? ;)
Indymedia is dying because it censors postings in violation of its own stated editorial policies while welcoming the vilest imaginable hate speech, as documented in detail here.
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