Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Nucleus of Stupidity

Within minutes of the explosion in North Korea, thought to be nuclear, came this article on the global Indymedia page.
CBS News ready to report that North Korea Nuclear Test was not a nuclear test at all in fact the explosion in North Korea was an accidental detonation of dynamite linked to three regiments in the North Korean army who patrol the area.
There is still some doubt whether the test was nuclear or a hoax and we should know any day now. Via Indymedia however, we learn the Shocking Truth: It's all a Bush ploy...
Bush, Putin and the Chinese President created this fa├žade to disguise a massive fund transfer out of the Northern Trust Bank in Chicago linked to funds that were designated for the payment of the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols; funds that were due to Ambassador Leo Wanta.

The funds of course belong to the US and French Treasuries not to the Chinese Box Gang.
It can now be reported that that leader of North Korea, received 55 million dollars to go along with this ruse and four Swedish women that were flown to North Korea a week before the phony test.
As with all such conspiracy theories, a massive number of links and news clippings (devoid of context) are provided. One imagines it would take a while to compile such information, but perhaps not if your mind was made up already and all that's missing is the date and time.

The opening comment about CBS News is a nice touch.

The same authorr publishes at least one post a day on Sydney IMC

Last week I pointed out how one of his articles was flatly false, not to mention sexist, racist, homophobic and anti-Jewish.

Article is still visible.


I always thought news sources had editors who checked articles for accuracy.
Four Swedish women? Cue Yakety-Sax, boys: it's time for Kim Jong-"Benny"-il!
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