Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Stupid, Stupid is our Cry!

Bay Area Indymedia is carrying more details of protest activity after Lynne Stewart's conviction.
Victory, victory is our cry! The class struggle is the reason why! Lynne Stewart, the civil rights lawyer framed on false terrorism charges, is free on bail pending appeal, and if, and only if, the appeal fails, she may serve 28 months in prison instead of 30 years. Her interpreter was sentenced to 1 year in prison and her paralegal, who has served 4 years and was faced with life in prison, was sentenced to 24 years. ALL ARE NOT GUILTY and their cases on appeal. The Lynne Stewart case is a benchmark of all of our struggles today: We must be "in their face" and point the finger at the Bush Administration as it is Bush & Co. who are the world's terrorists.
The depth of Bush Terror knows no bounds:
And, as everyone who has been active in all of the peace and social justice movements knows, the US government is always lying until proven otherwise. We also know that the US military and the CIA, both agents of US capitalism, with its primary goal of maximization of profits, have been perpetrating the same heinous crimes all around the world since 1945, being the political heirs of that previous anti-communist, blood for oil warmongering government, Nazi Germany, and the US government has perpetrated heinous crimes against the workingclass of the US since its inception with the genocide of Native Americans, enslavement of Africans and vicious exploitation of the labor of the the entire workingclass. All of the bombings, such as occurred recently in London and Madrid, are, and should always be assumed to be, agent provocateur actions of the US government as that is who has the motive, means and opportunity.

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