Monday, October 16, 2006


Supporting School Violence

Some Indymedia contributors are now openly supporting those who shoot-up schools.
“Who is Eric? A human being. A fifteen-year old freshman at Weston High School in Cazenovia, Wisconsin. On September 29, 2006, he shot and killed school principal John Klang. He has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder and faces life in prison.

Why should we support him? Because in his own way, Eric had the courage to fight back against a school system that psychologically molests us every day, deprives us of autonomy and freedom, runs our spirits through a conveyor belt of discipline and coercion to spit out obedient workers and slaves. Eric followed his heart’s fiery anger and struck back with the desperation of caged animal, against the system that confined him and dominated his life.”

Disgusting. Do these folks hate us so much that they now feel the need to support crazed individuals who kill innocent school officials?

(This is a cross post from But I am a Liberal)

This scares me, it's like a song I wrote in high school called, "Third World Riot" - where the USA has declined fully and totally into a third world state, where the outrage and instability of the constantly lied to and harassed tears the borders of our past glorious democracy.

If we continue to lie to our students, then there will be a insanity of dissatisfaction among them.

If we continue to lie to ourselves that these school killings are just random outbursts of phsyco violence, then we will be stoped, dead in our tracks when all of our flags are burning, and the phsycotic dissenters have taken over.

This nation could progress to ruin.

I'm disgusted, personally, but I wriote songs and try to talk to my family and friends about what terrible things are happening in our government and society - without fear - I try to turn the pages and make sense of it all.

These upset teenagers seem just like upset militia in Palastine and Iraq. But it's not entirely thier fault - there is a fault line ther, for sure - and both sides of the line are equally responsible for the violence and the alternative peace that may reign.

BTW - thanks for keeping up the blog, this is an interesting one.
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