Monday, October 16, 2006


Indybay: North Korea has Right to Blow You Away

Indymedia routinely tells me that nuclear weapons are bad. That is, unless they are controlled by a rogue regime that habitually oppresses its people, treats its own citizens as subhuman creatures, and threatens its neighbors. Then it’s just peachy!
“North Korea Has The Right To Self Defense!” by Steven Argue
Socialists defend and support the right of North Korea to possess nuclear weapons for their own defense against the arrogant militarism of U.S. imperialism…… Another war on the Korean Peninsula would be a disaster for the people of Korea and the people of the entire region.

Isn’t that an argument against NK having an atomic weapon? Ah yes, I forgot the very important equation most Indymedia articles must be processed through.

United States = Evil
Communist Countries = Awesome

How silly of me to forget.

Oddly enough, most of the article asks North Korea to move away from market reforms.
“In the face of the current economic crisis the North Korean leadership has, however, made important mistakes by introducing market reforms that have negated some of the advantages of the socialist economy.”

You know, those reforms that have made China the functioning nation they are today. North Korea’s socialist policy works so well, they only have to deal with semi-regular starvation! Who would want to backtrack on that kind of progress?
“It says much about the superiority of the socialist economic model that the poor and isolated Soviet Union was able to build up a strong economy that met the people’s needs.”

Hahaha……I am sorry. Do I really have to respond to that one?

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