Saturday, September 09, 2006


Jews Kill Smurfs

The Global Indymedia Page - reports
The Israeli military response has always been disproportionate, but in recent weeks has taken on afrightening new aspect: each week, the protesters gather at the site of Wall construction chanting slogans and holding Palestinian flags, wondering what new experimental 'non-lethal' weaponry or brutal new tactic will be tried on them this week.

From a strange blue dye that has been shot at protesters the last three weeks, to a type of rubber-coated bullets that produce electric shocks, it appears that Israel considers these non-violent Palestinian, Israeli and international protesters to be its guinea pigs....and no one in the 'international community' has acted to stop them.
Fear the Zionist Blue Water of Doom, manufactured by grinding smurfs and soaking them in acid rain. Or maybe not... The International Solidarity Movement (for whom regular readers will know I harbour little respect due to their brainwashing of culpable young activists) has more on the evil blue water:
Many demonstrators were soaked by the blue liquid, dying their hair, clothes and skin, and most of them reported subsequent burning and irritation of the skin that lasted into the night. Tear gas was also used against the demonstrators as soon as the water canon was engaged, so it is unclear whether the burning was from gas being absorbed into the wet skin and clothing, or whether the water itself contained a chemical.
Translation, we don't actually know a thing, but let's accuse Israel of using evil mysterious chemical weapons anyway.

Of course this isn't the first time such propaganda has been used against Israel, or US Soldiers. Even when subsequent research proves the claims to be completely false however, the damage is done. Libel's a bitch, and Indymedia seems more than happy to spread it. Again and again.

Elsewhere, in Iran, protesters were recently shot at by far more conventional, previously tested weapons. Bullets.

For some reason, this hasn't received such prominence on the Indymedia website.

for those wondering what the blue dye is. It is ..... blue dye. Israeli soldiers use it to help identify later on those who have been causing trouble.

this is a well known fact to anyone who has been in the area, of course not such a good Jew hater story a "chemical weapon"
Is it organic vegan blue dye?

Because it would be kind of funny if it wasn't.
Interesting dilemma for the ISM with its history of "creative reporting". Will it now start adding a blue dye wash to its photos ?
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