Thursday, December 28, 2006


Sydney Indymedia Still Down

I'm not sure how long it's been down for, but Sydney Indymedia has been offline now for what seems like almost a week. Because there has been nothing new from what must surely be close to the worst of all Indymedia, let us take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the articles that that made it onto their newswire.
Al Qaeda is administrated by the Pakistan secret police & the Pakistan secret police is financed by the CIA basically the american government [sic], the american government is financed & supported & directed by the super rich leaders of the corporations of the world, so the super rich leaders of the world are responsible for killing innocent peoples in order to achieve their political agendas.
As Steve Irwins politics had swung well back toward Labor and , ' Man-of-steel', the dictator John Howard began to see Queensland as his ' Leningrad', so a plot was hatched to murder the popular rival to the savage Tyrant.
an elderly lady was assaulted by an Israeli terrorist right outside the Sydney Town Hall, in front of every one! ... Two days later some one [sic] said to his friend during a meal, "by observing and analysing the attitude and behaviours [sic] of Israelis and their supporters I can conclude the fact that Hitler and his Nazi followers were much more honourable than this lot"!
Sydeney riots mossad opp to help cement howard fascist [sic] regeme [sic] takeover

those disgustig [sic] creatures from mossad are at it again, engineering instability and violace [sic] in australia one of their newist hosts their disgusting thirst for blood has surfaced again and one of there bumbling agents Zev Barkan was lijnked [sic] to a tex [sic] messaging campain [sic] to incight [sic] violance[sic] in a gullable [sic] population
One can only hope that time away from the site will help the moderators clear filth like this off the site for good.

Update: (The Watcher) In the meanwhile, they are asking for donations! Nothing clears off filth better than closing a site. Maybe they can buy Faruque Ahmed a spellchecker? Makes you sic doesn't it?

As you know Watcher, the CIA and Mossad are behind every major problem faced by the world as far as the global Indymedia network is concerned. I too went through a time of thinking that education, facts and a reasoned argument would help them see reality, sadly no. Their hatred for Jews, obsessive desire to see US involvement in every world event and other bigotry warps their ability to see sense.

Far better to sir back, laugh and watch them slowly destroy themselves. Once that is done the opportunity to build a new, realistic Indymedia willcome.

Happy New Year to all

ex IMC'er
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