Wednesday, December 27, 2006


E-Z and F-U-N

A post on Victoria Indymedia advises:
Celebrating the new year and the 13th year of the Zapatista uprising; IMC Victoria is up and running again! That means YOU the radical, the independent, the free thinking have again at your disposal a means to disseminate information and spread your world changing ideas

Call for submissions:

If you know of any radical events taking place in our city or province, or you simply have something interesting and relevant to say, you can publish it here. Just use the Publish your news link on the top right hand column. It [sic] E-Z and F-U-N
Then comes the million dollar question:
So what is IMC and is it relevant?
is it relevant? Millions of bloggers suggest otherwise. Pause to catch your breath.
IMC is a global network of independent journalists and alternative media activists that have no access to the traditional media because our views do not meat [sic] with their editorial bias.
or spelling standards.
The Independent media center was started during the 1999 battle of Seattle. Its focus was to give the public access to evidence of police brutality, that CNN and other major news wires were denying was happening. As soon as footage went on line of police attacking non-violent protesters, the major broadcasters had to change their line. The project was so successful that 167 IMC collectives exist now around the world.
So, seven years later, how's it all going? No really!
Want to know what’s happening in Chiapas right now? goto the Chiapas IMC you’ll get up to the minuet [sic] news from the streets from any where in the world. That’s access to information you simply can’t get anywhere else.
Or spelling! Of course, when visiting Chiapas IMC for the latest, it will help if you speak Spanish. Although there are the occasional English gems, such as "Death to George W. Bush".
Remember the last time you tried to approach the conventional news in all their corporate sponsored, military supportin’, new world agenda promotin squareness. We are the alternative, we are your alternative.

Peace, Love and Free Speech

IMC Staff
Oh good grief.

Too bad the author's English was too weak to realize what they meant to say, was that Victoria Indymedia is re-forming, not reforming.

Thus far, there's no content however a note (undated) at the top of the page says:
Victoria IMC is currently under attack by a holocaust-denial spammer. These posts are deleted as soon as they are spotted by Victoria Indymedia volunteers.
Maybe they are reforming after all? It does beg the question why Indymedia attracts this type of person in the first place.

Something for the F-U-N new Victoria guyz and galz to ponder very seriously...

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