Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Post Cancelled

A post on UK Indymedia declares 2007 should be cancelled.
Leading green economists have agreed there is only one way we can save the planet. The entire year of 2007 needs to be cancelled! Percival LaCosh, a leading economist from Oxford University said, "If you really want to save the planet then you should retire from almost all economic activity!"
This sounds ridiculous and extreme, but we live in an extreme situation. Don't wait for someone else to act first. Don't turn up for work. Don't drive your care. Don't even sign on.
Switch off all your lights now. Power down and look for food.
No cars.
Try for one will make a difference.
Googling or searching Oxford University for Percival LaCosh yields nothing.

Will the article be cancelled?
Will UK Indymedia be cancelled instead?

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