Monday, May 01, 2006


Daily Grind

Some anti-meat protesters chained themselves to an abbatoir's equipment last Friday. Unimpressed with this 'action' the meatworkers took to the chains with angle grinders to cut the chains off the 12 activists.

The protesters were even less impressed and have insisted :
"There are other safer, more peaceful ways to cut chains without using the excessive violence of an angle grinder."
Tim Blair responds:
UN sanctions, maybe?
According to organizers:
Mr Hannibal questioned the use of angle grinders by abattoir workers and management to cut the activists free. "They were terrorising this young girl because the blade was so close to the face and they were basically enjoying traumatising her," he said.
Angle grinders don't have blades. They have an abrasive disc. In a rare turn of events, protesters were 'saved' by police:
Mr Hannibal said protesters allowed police to escort them off the premises because the girl was so upset.
Allowed? How generous of them. I don't suppose the meat workers that had been obstructed from their work were too sorry to see them go either.

Note to activists: Don't choose protest targets who spend their entire day working with animals hanging off chains.

Here's what happened the last time protesters got intimate with a cow.

Update: The original article on Perth Indymedia is now hidden. Also, via comments, someone has accused me of being a "Zio-terrorist" which apparently is "procecutable" (sic). Oh dear... Here's what I think.

Oh My Gawd,
what is wrong with you!
you post a link to a Wiki site so as to comment on the use of the noun "Blade" saying its only a "Disc" - DID YOU EVEN READ THE PAGE YOU LINKED TOO?

quoting from it -
"Angle grinders are widely used in engineering, in particular metalworking and construction, as well as in emergency rescues. However, they can be very dangerous due to the high rpm involved and the sparks that fly off as they cut.

Safety equipment should be worn while using these, or any power tools."

I sense you are a Zio-Terrorist - in the US i would hope you would be procecutable under the Partiot Act but then we have a Neo-Terrorist in charge of our country, he is also a Religo-Terrorist also, defrauding the country out of money to give a fellow Religo-Terrorist name P.Robertson money to fund dealing with dictators over sea's......
but then you are all the same anyway right? - or is that Neo-Right?
I blame the joooos for the spelling mistakes in the previous comment.
Golly, where do you even start in responding to that comment? I had not even heard of this specific Indymedia site when I read your post, but after all this nonsense, I will have to watch them closer.
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