Monday, May 01, 2006


Oh my Gawd...

Further to my last post - Daily Grind someone has left this comment:
Oh My Gawd,
what is wrong with you!
you (sic) post a link to a Wiki site so as to comment on the use of the noun "Blade" saying its only a "Disc" - DID YOU EVEN READ THE PAGE YOU LINKED TOO? (sic)
Yes. As a matter of fact, I did. Angle grinders do not have a blade, they have a disc. That is what I said. To illustrate his point however, the commenter quotes an entirely different passage from the Wikipedia entry:
"Angle grinders are widely used in engineering, in particular metalworking and construction, as well as in emergency rescues. However, they can be very dangerous due to the high rpm involved and the sparks that fly off as they cut.
Perhaps. None of this suggests however that the activists were actually in such danger, unless perhaps the chains were extremely short and attached between the abbatoir equipment and the protesters' eyelids. I give anyone experienced with an angle grinder enough credit to shield someone from the dangerous sparks and am also comfortable assuming they attacked the anchor-side of the chain, rather than the activist-side (tempting as that may have been for the victims of this protest).

He continues:
Safety equipment should be worn while using these, or any power tools.
He's quite right, and I am sure the meatworkers were wearing safety equipment ("while using these power tools").

I note that at any stage, the protesters could have unlocked themselves or left voluntarily. I'm sure they were offered that opportunity, or could have seen the angle-grinder wielding men approaching and worked out what was coming).

The protesters however are simply crying that they played chicken with angle grinders, lost and the protest didn't go as they had plannned because of the big bad men with their scary machines.

My opinion doesn't matter of course, you see the commenter has stumbled on my dark secret:
I sense you are a Zio-Terrorist - in the US i (sic) would hope you would be procecutable (sic) under the Partiot (sic) Act but then we have a Neo-Terrorist in charge of our country, he is also a Religo-Terrorist (sic) also, defrauding the country out of money to give a fellow Religo-Terrorist name (sic) P.Robertson money to fund dealing with dictators over sea's...... (sic)
but (sic) then you are all the same anyway right? - or is that Neo-Right?

Incidentally, the original article on Perth Indymedia has been hidden for some reason, apparently "as per request by author".

Well as I am sure you are aware, any criticism of Indymedia is done so by those evil Zionist Jews.

The self righteous indignation of that post, and its complete lack understanding concerning this site, should not surprise me. Yet, it sets a new low for an Indymedia reader.

When someone disagrees with you, call them a Zionist or a Jew, and that should suffice for an argument.

Keep up the good work; the more folks who start reporting Indymedia’s nonsense, the better.
I stumbled on your blog and found it very interesting, since the same idiotic population exists in Spanish-speaking Indymedia, of which I have some knowledge. Keep up the good work.
Why bother with ankle grinders? Just shoot the idiots and use them to make dogfood.
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