Thursday, April 27, 2006


Jews Control Hollywood

According to an article on BC Indymedia, the new film United 93, about the one plane hijacked on 9/11 which didn't reach its target due to intervention by passengers, is a problem.

According to conspiracy theorists, this story is one more bit of evidence which has tricked the world into believing the myth of Islamist hijackers, rather than what they know to be the truth - that the US Government was responsible for the collapse of the World Trade Center.

According to the article:
Ultimately, "United 93" is a regurgitation of suspicious media-fueled speculation about events on an airplane that we know very little about. This is a movie that does more to discourage raising questions about what really happened to flight 93 than it does to encourage debate over the bastion of lies that have been fed to the American people.
Typical fodder.

And who is behind the film's evil manipulation of the American people? Who else. The article's title is:
ZIONIST film "United 93" is pure propaganda
In other Zionist shenanigans, elsewhere on BC Indymedia, Zioinist agents attack peacekeeping force (I believe Zioinists (sic) are a close relation) and Zionists (Mossad actually) were also responsible for $450 000 recently going missing from a Palestinian Foreign Minister's briefcase, without asking the simple question: Why was the money in the briefcase?

I guess that was a Zionist plot as well.

It's all a Zionist plot!

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I missed my bus, bloody zionists.
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