Saturday, April 29, 2006


Right meets Left

LA Indymedia (and numerous other IMC sites) are linking to a site called "No War for Israel".

On Bay Area Indymedia, such a link is followed by this praise:
Thinks (sic) for providing an alternative to the right wing corporate pro-israel mainstream media.

Thanks for keeping pro-israel fanatics out of here. We get their message everywhere else. Tired of the lies and propaganda.
Propaganda? Let's have a closer look:
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Registrant: The Duke Report
Status: ACTIVE
Indymedia is spreading Nazi propaganda by David Duke, a Neo-Nazi former Ku Klux Klan leader. I'll bet it still hates being called "Nazimedia".

Cue the usual accusations of covert Zionist black-bag operations:
That the version reposted here came from Duke's site indicates that in all likelihood it was reposted by Zionists, in a crude and all too common attempt to discredit both Ivins and LA-IMC. They do stuff like this a lot. They are fundamentally dishonest people because they have to be. There is no honest defense for ethnic cleansing.
Right. I mean there's no real antisemitism on Indymedia is there? For Pete's sake, if a group of "Zionists" wanted to discredit Indymedia, no matter how hard they tried, they simply couldn't do a better job than Indymedia does itself.

Of course I'm sure those responsible are not really Jew hating antisemites... They just dislike Israel right?


What did you expect? Common sense? The SF Bay Area has been bought and sold by the Bridges of Arafat, Inc. SF Bay Area's very own Jewish Federation of SF even allows "Rabbis" who have no love for Israel or for other Jews.

But they will allow these self-haters to become clergy at pro-Israel synagogues and in turn change them into their way of thinking.
Indybay is a daily forum for Israel bashers and Jew haters. Any comment that doesn't demonize Israel is deleted and the commenters often auto-blocked. At the same time theres a few regular "anti-zionist" commenters that are not deleted despite their weird mysogynist and anti-semitic ramblings. Indybay is anything but independant and really taints the entire Indymedia world.
Take a look at what hey delete and what they leave up. Note that well reasoned historic articles are deleted and inane personal attacks stay up! Alot of us suspect that one of the most "anti-zionist" of the posters is also an editor deleting comments that he personally doesn't like.
Then not only the editors delete comments, they ADD comments making fun of other posters and telling them that their comments will be deleted anyway!
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