Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hidden is Where it's At

Via my referrer log, I have discovered an interesting item on San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia.

Regular readers will know I tend to steer clear of hidden articles, out of respect to the few Indymedia moderators who do act in good faith. I may however have to rethink this.

In an article about Israel (what else) it is astonishing what has been hidden, and what has not.

For example:
They do what they want, when they want....then when a Palestinian summons the courage to fight back w/ all he/she has, they get their panties in a wad. What's good for the goose is never good for the gander when it comes to powerful oppressive terror states like Israel or the US.
is showing.
By chosing to engage in 5 wars against Israel, losing each time and by chosing to engage in violence rather than diplomacy, the Palestinians have caused their own misery by endless war mongering. Yes, choices have consequences even for Palestinians.
is hidden.

The page is over-run with other examples and there is no good reason (profanity, editorial policy, libel) to justify what can only be considered censorship of dissenting views. Cut and paste articles are fine as well, provided they represent only one side (anti-Israel) of the argument.

This is summed up:
You know, I figured that Indybay would do the gutless thing, leaving up CM's post and taking mine down, and you didn't fail to live down to my expectations.

Once're perfectly happy to promote what you know are misleading halftruths, as long as that pesky thing called objective reality -- complete with documentation -- isn't allowed to harsh your mellow.
Astonishingly, even this is hidden:
Racists have no right to use Indymedia to promote their agenda. Even a single racist post discedits, not just this site, but *all* Indymedia. Zero tolerance is the only moral option
One comment is entirely predictable:
Why do zionists always cry "antisemitism" in an attempt to stifle criticism?
A subsequent response, indicates they do not and proves the point quite nicely. However, this comment was hidden.

What was that about stifling criticism?

fyi, your San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia link is broken.

keep up the great indymedia bashing work!

ps. do you have any info on site traffic stats as to how these laughable sites are doing? how to they rank compared to other left-wing, right-wing and mainstream media sites? are they dieing off thanks to your good work or spreading like a virus?
I don't know what has happened to that link.

Regarding statistics - no, I don't have access to any. I do know from my reading that Indymedia is not held in high esteem by large sections of the left-wing however it would be incorrect to assume their traffic is negligble.
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