Friday, January 20, 2006


Hitler gets a Hiatus, Bush Becomes Bin

Bush has taken time off being Hitler. The new word, is that Bush=Osama.

According to UK Indymedia, the recent tapes of Osama bin Laden, were actually part of the "boogy man" tactic to bolster support for war.
There are a number of thoughts I've had about the contents and timing of this tape. Ignoring the obvious and in fact mostly insignificant fact that there is no evidence that the voice on the tape is Osama Bin Laden and that he may indeed have died last April for all we know, the timing of the release seems no coincidence.
Don't you love how anonyomous Indymedia commenters have access to all that classified information and forensic data of the voice recording? Here's more 'evidence':
It's staggering that people can't see outside the box here-

1. Anyone could make a tape. How many people have access to recording equipment these days? Millions. We should all make OBL tapes and flood The Sun and similar paranoid rags!

2. It was mentioned on the news that "the quality was bad because the caves are so far from the outside world". But somehow a courier was able to get the tape to Al Jazeera.. so you would have thought OBL would have asked the courier to stop by Dixons (or whatever they have) and pick up a spanking new mp3 recorder.
Meanwhile, at the Headquarters of the NSA. "Sir, sir, we just picked up this iPod which we believe may be another one of the millions of possible recordings of Osama bin Laden we've received this week." "Well done Agent Jones. Tell me, was this one also recorded in English?"

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