Monday, December 26, 2005


A Very Mossad Christmas

Anne emailed me to report this piece (now hidden) on UK Indymedia alleging that Mossad (who else?) has been 'caught' spreading AIDS in a Libyan hospital.
Five Bulgarian nurses and one doctor from occupied Palestine recruited by mossad confessed to working for mossad agents in an operation to spread AIDS around the world.
Sure they did...

The article continues:
Another Israeli mass murder using tainted blood to infect people in the world was discovered by the SMH they wrote: 'A reliable source at the Australian red cross provided details of the report circulated by the organization to its members warning of imported blood units contaminated with the AIDS virus, hepatitis and bilharzia. The blood units were manufactured by an Australian company and Israel treated them before they were sent to Third World nations,' the paper wrote on August 24.
I highlighted the word "organization" as it struck me as odd that an Australian newspaper - the Sydney Morning Herald would use American spelling. Unsurprisingly (of course) Googling revealed nothing.

Checking Sydney Indymedia however showed this similar piece posted in the last week and this one this morning. Both pieces are still visible on the Sydney newswire, and the spelling in both, as well as several comments in support of the article, give us some insight into the intelligence of the author, and let us take a guess at who it might be.
what a loose jumble of fact and fiction and hateful fantasy generally this all looks. Don't you think it might all just be a terrible accident or poor practices. I hardly think the Jewish Diaspora that lost so many children in the Holocaust would dirty their hands with the murder of other innocent children. Simply to state the proposition proves how presposterous and awful the idea is.

Could it simply be problems of medical practice and governments trying to find any convenient scapegoat for a disastrous tragedy? I think so. Real accountability for the infection of those children might be a better objective wouldn't you think, as in systematic improvements in the medical systems of Libya?

If you really want peace in the middle east, which surely you do, maybe avoiding deliberate provocations would be a useful guideline, on all sides.
Too right. The response?
what (sic) is up with that anon commentor,(sic) the mossad (sic) agent confessed to doing this they (sic) where (sic) cought (sic) red-handed !
Why of course they did... Six errors in one sentence. Is this a new record? This is followed by more 'anti-Zionism' (yeah right):
its time to see how many jews can fit in a vw ash tray again...
Sydney Indymedia continues to provide a quality service to the community. The question is "Which community"?

What's also interesting is that Google indexes Indymedia. It would be unsurprising to see a search for "Mossad" and "AIDS" showing such crap in the future, to help propagate subsequent anti-Jew lies. Sydney Indymedia remains complicit in this crime.

What's really funny (read: stupid) is that the Libyans themselves have declared a mistrial in the case, and more or less admitted that confessions were extracted through torture (now there's a surprise). See here in today's London Times:,,542-1960100,00.html "Justice in Tripoli".

So the Indymidiots are being more "Catholic than the Pope", or rather more anti-Semitic than the Libyans, which takes some doing.
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