Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Donald Rumsfeld Death Threat?

Evil Pundit has drawn my attention to this piece on Sydney Indymedia, apparently inciting Donald Rumsfeld's murder.
A modest proposal for the permanent retirement of a well known war criminal and mass murderer.
Donald Rumsfeld's retirement is long overdue. In order to expedite it I want to pledge 2$ here to be paid ( anonymously if desired ) to the nearest correct guess at the exact time and date of Donald Rumsfelds PERMANENT retirement from politics.

Retirement with extreme prejudice I mean.
It should be noted that Rumsfeld is currently in Australia. It should also be noted that Indymedia is home to serious crackpots, some of whom take themselves very seriously.

Sydney Indymedia continues to impress...

Luckily though, 80% of what's on Indy Media isn't true, so this is probably just a joke.

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