Monday, September 05, 2005


The Protester's Thesaurus

Sydney Indymedia has a debrief of the recent 30 April protest outside the Forbes Conference whose violence I previously reported.

From the article:
Since September 11 2001 the movement against neo-liberalism in Australia has been in steady decline, unable to develop a coherent analysis and praxis under this new regime of power that could facilitate the development of large mobilisations against it.
In case you didn't understand - a translation by way of subsequent comment:
Why were the protest banners talking about Refugees, IR Reforms, and VSU? The CEOs wouldnt know anything about thse let alone affect them."
Seem that the protest was the usual 'anti-everything' stuff, whether relevant or not, just another excuse to spend time chanting, with no real aim or outcome. Good way to spend a few days, huh? What's next? Protest at the Coles Myer AGM about QANTAS job cuts?
There were some great moments; the march was very lively, loud and energetic with sounds systems, a samba band and lots of noise, and the spontaneous deconstruction of the heavily fortified concrete and steel fence was quite inspiring.
Translation: Spontaneous deconstruction - the deliberate smashing down of a fence.
Breaching what appeared to be an impenetrable barrier was a great confidence boost to the crowd as was the commitment to engage in active disobedience and the refusal to submit to state authority.
Translation: The crowd were both planning and encouraged to fight with Police.
It sent a message that the elite should indeed be fearful and take us into account as much as they did in planning for the conference. We were a significant thorn in their side, making Forbes move the opening dinner, forcing them to justify their handouts from the NSW government and massive police spending, making corporate power an issue, demonstrating that there was opposition to it and raining on their PR parade.
Translation: The "Elite" weren't even present to hear the protesters' message and any police expense was justified by criminal behaviour.At least their proud of themselves. Now they are planning the next one:
The question needs to be continually asked however, how useful are these protests? What are we setting out to achieve?
An excellent question, as yet unanswered.
The A30 actions brought activists together from around the country and hopefully built relationships that will be ongoing and can serve as a basis for ongoing campaigns.
Campaigns against what exactly?
It also kept the issue of unfettered corporate power on the political agenda, something that can be built on.
How about building a point?
People have already begun talking about the possibilities of counter actions to the G20 in Melbourne next year. These however will be as limited as the actions against Forbes if daily struggles and campaigns are not built. Post S11 the movement shifted into an ideological abstraction and created something known as the “anti-capitalist activist”, completely removed from the daily struggles that created the movement in the first place. If future actions are to be successful at all activity must move into the everyday and create ongoing laboratories of resistance that build roots, skills and construct possibilities in the here and now.
Great. One question: What the hell are you actually protesting? A final comment justifies the common theme of all of the protest issues raised by the earlier comment:
Why not they're all in it together robing the poor for the rich.
Ah! Something about what the poor are wearing out of the shower. Those bastards!

Last word on the protest has to go to some of the comments on the original Sydney Indymedia page:
You are all so boring. No War, Free the Refugees, Fascist Pigs, blah blah blah blah. Come on which cause is it? You wouldn't even know yourselves.

Sad to see our universities are still producing brainwashed dope smoking hypercritical spoilt brat lefties.
Way to sock it to the 'super-rich', you knocked down a fence! Take that, imperialist aggressor aluminum-wire societal barrier! How much did that fence COST? Steve Forbes' empire will take years to recover from that blow struck in freedom's name! I assume it was HIS fence, right? Oh it was public property? So it was MY fence? Thanks alot, you wankers.
Until next time...

Good work man, keep it up. Too bad there are no commenters on your posts!
I'm not too fussed about comments. I know what my traffic is (not that I'm fussed about that either).

I leave comments on as I get the odd tip-off or clarification on material I write where people may not email. In terms of the normal content of comments on blogs, I suspect there's not a lot of opportunity to 'debate' much of what I report on as it's so clear cut. People seldom leave a comment saying "OMFG, that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen". It's implicit...

Thank you for your kind words.
The only word not used/or mis-used/was persiflage.

Anybody else get that sense?

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