Sunday, September 04, 2005


The Nastiness of Indymedia

Via David Rolfe's blog, The Nastiness of Indymedia.
One of the aspects of the Internet that gets far less coverage than it should is the way it allows anyone to set up a news organization, regardless of budget or government approval. Given the levels of spin that large news outlets put on the news you'd have thought that a open publishing collective of individuals would provide a refreshing and broad range of alternative viewpoints and different angles. When it comes to Indymedia you couldn't be more wrong if you tried...
After providing evidence to support his argument, he observes:
It's just as well the gobshites behind Indymedia haven't got any money, because if they did they'd be about to lose it all in a libel lawsuit.
Which is an interesting way of noting a lack of accountability that occurs when you've got nothing to lose - you tend not to care. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to what I've been saying for a very long time...

good point. Same can be said about having huge concentrations of wealth in a few hands. They don't care because they have so much money (read The Corporation by Joel Bakan).

I read Spanish Indymedia and think it's quite good. There is obviously lots of shit in there, but it's not different to mainstream media in that regard. Some of the points that Indymedia members insist on are pertinent. For example the overconcentration of wealth in the hands of corporations is a dangerous development for democracy. Something traditional media cannot argue because they are owned by corporations.

You do a good job of highlighting the writings on lunatics on indymedia, but you seem to look over the fact that some of the grievances are rooted in well documented problems in the social world. That's a shame.
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