Monday, July 04, 2005


Caption Contest

Via Indymedia UK's G8 Photos from July 2nd comes this:

I don't know what to say, so I shall leave it to my readers and the comments section...

hm. seems you have no readers.
Or the scene is so incongruous that no one has a desire to legitimize it with a caption. Although 'Energizer Bunny' comes to mind.
It's definitely a greater eared tit, a subspecies of the common University Yah.

For those who don't know, the University of Edinburgh is notorious for being populated by rich, spoilt, self-indulgent middle class types who eventually end up working in Daddy's merchant bank, by way of a 6 month trip to Goa ('Man, it was so wicked, yeh, top grass, just chilled') 'cos they're, like, travellers . The rest of us who went there called them Yahs, after the way they pronounce 'Yes'.

The life-cycle ends when the rabbit ears and stupid goatee are shed in favour of a pinstripe.
man i'm gettin old. In my day, we used sticks on those things.
Where's Hef? And my lawyer. I can't understand why sexual ambiguity disqualifies me for being Playmate of the Month...
I'll show the leaders of the world be dressing in my sister's shirt, my grannies glasses and a pair of bunny. They'll have to take me serious now.
Chanders / NYC said...
hm. seems you have no readers.

Seems like you sir, have no idea.
Y'all come back now!
How about a headline from Indymedia?

"Indymedia have claimed this is Bono's attempt to infiltrate their meeting"
"The modern European male"
At every protest you will find:
1) Some guy playing the drum.
2) A gay guy
3) A hippie
4) Some PETA nut job.

This was a small protest.
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