Monday, July 04, 2005


MSM Screws Up Again - Indymedia Ignores

Indymedia claims it's a replacement for the mainstream media. Via Charles Johnson comes news that AFP have screwed up their report on Whitehouse contenders for 2008.
The most recent senator to test his luck and fail, of course, was John Kerry, who continues to keep his name in the news as he bides his time waiting for the 2008 race, sponsoring legislation on health care for children, and issuing pronouncements against US Iraq policy in newspapers and from the Senate floor, as the did this week.

Governors have had much better luck in winning the Oval Office which has given several chiefs executives from various US states to weigh their chances in 2008. Chief among them is actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, currently head of California's state government.
Arnie will be thrilled to read that. Until AFP ran the story, he thought he was ineligble by way of not being born in the US. Thanks to AFP, he's back in the race...

AFP screwed up.

Here's a prediction: The blogosphere will be all over this shortly. Indymedia will not.

The blogosphere will demand acccountability and put pressure on news editors worldwide to lift their game and accuracy.

Indymedia, will continue to insist its very raison d'etre is "a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth" all the while being largely irrelevant.

The blogsphere meanwhile, without even trying, has put genuine pressure on the mainstream media. Do I say this to inflate the relevance of the blogsphere? Certainly not. Merely to highlight how Indymedia is even more out of touch with reality than the media it seeks to criticize.

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