Sunday, May 01, 2005


Speaking of Nazis

Whilst on the topic of DC Nazis, don't you just love it when Nazi groups attempt to manipulate the left-wing anti-war agenda by suggesting the war on Iraq (like everything else really) was all just a grand Jewish plot?
In short, the benefits derived by the United States from its Middle East military adventure are highly questionable;
You're right. Bring back Saddam.
but that is easily understood if one recognizes that the policy the Bush II administration has pursued did not originate as one to benefit the interests of the United States but rather to benefit those of Israel, as those interests have been perceived by the Israeli Right.
Naturally Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with it. In fact those who spent hard-time in Abu Ghraib (before it became famous for what the Americans did) or watched their families killed are no doubt cursing the lack of benefits. And by the way, how does this sit with the other widespread theory that this was really all about US oil interests. Which is it?

Umm... Yes. Well.
While the neoconservatives were the driving force behind the American invasion of Iraq and the consequent efforts to bring about regime change throughout the Middle East, the idea for such a war did not originate with American neocon thinkers but rather in Israel. An obvious linkage exists between the war position of the neocons and what has long been a strategy of the Israeli Right and, to a lesser extent, of the Israeli mainstream.
Oh I'm sorry, I thought the neocons were Jews. At least they were according to other articles by the same author. This gets interesting:
The idea of a Middle East war had been bandied about in Israel for many years as a means of enhancing Israeli security.
The idea of peace in the Middle East however, has been bandied about for far longer as a means of enhancing Israeli security. Unfortunately, 'certain troublesome things' like hateful incitement keep getting in the way.
Palestinian Child Incited to Kill - Image Hosted by
It continues:
War would serve two purposes. It would enhance Israel's external security by weakening and splintering Israel's neighbors. Moreover, such a war and the consequent weakening of Israel's external enemies could help resolve the internal Palestinian demographic problem, since the Palestinian resistance has derived material and moral support from Israel's neighboring states.
The Palestinians got no material supportfrom neighbouring states whatsoever. In fact, it was the total lack of support from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria which has caused the Palestinians much of their problems since 1948 when Israel wasn't destroyed in the Arab invasion and this messed up all their forecasts. Not one Arab state subsequently offered to accept the Palestinians at that time, preferring to keep them stranded in camps as pawns against Israel. The only thing Palestinians and neighbouring states have ever had in common was hatred of Israel. That does not however translate to actual support for each other.

The article of course does not translate to anything more than antisemitic conspiracy theories about Israeli control over the US Government which of course can happily co-exist with equivalent theories about Rightwing Christian control and Saudi Control. It's all okay for Indymedia. I am so unimpressed yet so unsurprised.

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