Saturday, April 30, 2005


Nonviolent Protesters

Nonviolent protesters have occupied the administration building of the Univ of Hawaii, calling for end to military weapons development facility.
Honolulu, HI – A group of nonviolent protesters have entered Bachman Hall, the University of Hawaii administration building, and have demanded an end to the University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) project, which would establish a secret military research facility to conduct Navy weapons development. The group -- consisting of students, faculty, and concerned community members -- has prepared a formal statement of legal, moral, health, cultural, and political reasons why UARC should be dropped. They have prepared a formal letter to the US Navy for Interim President David McClain to sign stating that UH is withdrawing its UARC application, because of the substantial public concern over increased secret military research. The nonviolent protesters have stated that they will not leave Bachman Hall until Mr. McClain publicly declares the end of UARC.
We repeat: Non-Violent protesters.

You know, just in case Indymedia readers get them confused with regular (violent) protesters.

Here in the Bay Area, Indymedia always inserts "nonviolent" in front of "protesters". Don't believe a word of it. In the last few "peaceful" protests here, the police confiscated rocks, bottles, molotov cocktails, tasers, ball bearings, assorted illegal ninja weapons, etc. It's always the "peaceful" protests that degenerate into street vandalism and property destruction here. We are not fooled by these idiots.
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