Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Racist! Err... Fascist! Ummm... Nazi too! Yeah!

The Young Conservatives of Texas were to play a campus-wide game of "Illegal Immigrant Hunt".

According to the article, it consists of "a t-shirt that said "Illegal Immigrant" and a bunch of fake badges given out to participants to give them the feeling that they were Border Patrol agents".

Childish? Perhaps, but not nearly as much as the dialog which ensued when it was reported on Texas Indymedia as "The Young Conservatives and the Racist Games They Play... "

Think and say what you want about immigration or border-control policies, but "racist"? The game wasn't entitled "hunt the Mexican" or "hunt the Canadian". One commenter summed it up:
Well... nothing like shutting people up and calling them Nazis and fascists to promote free speech... you Communist scumbags are the real criminals here. It is NOT racist to call for reasonable limits to immigration. Why can't you fucking morons understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration? LEGAL ... versus... ILLEGAL. They are two different words with two different meanings. One is ok, the other is not. WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE? I am sick and tired of you fucking Communist motherfuckers thinking you are better than everyone around you when you fight against perfectly reasonable things like controlled immigration and the free-market system. When will you reactionary Stalinists stop calling yourselves progressives?
and everyone else Nazis and fascists.

Tell us how you really fucking feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
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