Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I've got mail...

Whilst it is not the first time this blog has been linked to by an upset Indymedia article, it's possibly the least savoury.

Faruque Ahmed of Sydney, Australia has been Googling for his own name in a narcissistic orgy and stumbled across my little corner of the web. Apparently in response to Indy Media Watch: Pesky Zionists, Hotel Rooms and Taxi-Drivers this woefully capitalized comment was added:
"why are you so interested in what happens on an aussie blog if you dont live here? what does it matter to you? is it because your masters PAY YOU TO DISCREDIT PEOPLE YOU DON"T KNOW?"

I was hoping to keep it a secret, but you leave me no choice.

Full disclosure: I am a paid agent of the CIA. Mossad, KGB and KAOS.

Seriously though, my Zionist/Mossad/CIA controllers and masters stopped sending me blank-checks quite some time ago, and I now do this entirely as a volunteer effort. It's comments like yours however that make the whole exercise worthwhile.

I visited Sydney Indymedia courtesy of my referrer logs and came across this wonderful prose entitled: "Zio-Nazi venoms (sic) against Faruque and Indy Media".

When I recovered from the shock of being outed as a venomous "Zio-Nazi" (whatever that is) I read on:
I would like to know why do they resort in to personal vilification, character assassination and all other kinds of low acts!
You will have to take my word for it that I don't resort to any of those "low acts" and merely trust people to make up their own mind. Believe me Faruque, anyone who has read your work has well and truly made up their mind about you. Even if I wanted to make your character look bad, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do nearly as convincing a job of it as you sir.

As for the other part of his comment:
"why are you so interested in what happens on an aussie blog if you dont live here? what does it matter to you? "
I note that in addition to Sydney, Faruque Ahmed has variously posted on:

Melbourne Indymedia
Adelaide Indymedia
San Francisco Indymedia and
Cleveland Indymedia

This is in addition to administering his own Yahoo Group entitled "Free America Now" (from what I shudder to ask, no I did not join up).

So either Faruque gets around an awful lot, or can add hypocrite to his CV for suggesting that I have no right to comment on "blogs" from other areas of the world.

I note that I found the above via Google. There is a chance (albeit a small one from experience) that some Indymedia sites are much better at deleting rubbish such as the above examples and I didn't stumble across these for that reason.

As for where I come from? Another conspiracy nut known as "jj" from Sydney Indymedia 'worked it out'...
this is how the zionist state operates, distract from questions of their legitimacy by trying to destroy the credibility of the questioners.... just like the bush junta too..... its because they have no other ammunitiion to use...
btw interesting indeed that site is not published in aussie probly not even by an aussie but hes very interested in melb IMC, coincidently where the largest zionist population in australia lives.....
Is it possible that every anti-Zionist and anti-Semite is incapable of constructing a sentence free from typographical and grammatical errors if not outright hatred? Evidently not... Or, if I may entertain a conspiracy theory of my own, are JJ and Faruque Ahmed really the same person? (These questions and more on the Indymedia Zone Doody doo doo doody doo doo)...

I have only had one foul comment pasted here so far. Hopefully they will confine themselves to their litter tray and I won't have to turn off commenting in case the disease spreads to my blog. In the meanwhile, I can see Faruque Ahmed's highly repetitive work is now spread all over the Internet. Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Faruque, predominantly via Indymedia has instead generously provided others with hours of laughter and tears.

As Australian journalist Piers Akerman wrote in an email to Faruque (who was harrassing him)
and reprinted by Faruque in Cleveland:
You, Sir, do your cause no good whatsoever. You debase discussion.
This is shortly before he told Faruque:
Your garbage is deleted unread.
Hopefully he will leave my blog alone and save me the trouble.

I have been waiting for my checks to come in for some time now. I suppose I just have to class my self as a zionist slut rather then a zionist whore given that I don't get paid.
Please visit the link if you wish

Should you bother to visit the link above you may discover the Zio-Nazi nature. They will attack and insult you based on false and unsubstantiated materials. They will not provide you a right of reply.

What can you do about them?
I have responded to Faruque Ahmed's rubbish which appears above on a separate page here.
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