Saturday, April 09, 2005


Two Sides to Every Story...

UK Indymedia is referring to an Associated Press article which reports that Israeli troops have fired at a group of Palestinian youths in the southern Gaza Strip, killing three teenagers.

According to the article on UK Indymedia:
Ali Abu Zaid, a 22-year-old Rafah resident, said a group of boys were playing football in an open area when the ball was kicked toward the border fence. "The kids ran after it, and that's when we heard gunfire".

Or is it?
Googling for the source article shows this information from the same report which was left right out of the Indymedia version:
The Israeli army, however, said the youths were involved in smuggling across the border.

An Israeli commander at the scene said the youths were spotted crawling on their stomachs deep inside a closed military zone. He said three of the youths got to their feet and began running toward the border. The teenagers were about 250 yards into the closed area when they were shot on a military patrol road, he said.

"These kids were not playing soccer," said the commander, whose name was withheld under military regulations. "You don't get there by accident."
What actually happened depends on who you want to believe. Reports of the "Jenin Massacre" make me cynical. You could however only reach a one-sided conclusion had you relied solely on the Indymedia version.

Here's my problem, Indymedia claims it is a replacement for the terribly biased 'MSM' (mainstream media). Isn't taking the story as reported by the MSM and then reprinting it minus at least half the story, making a bad problem even worse?

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