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What is Editorial Policy?

Winnipeg Indymedia has finally realized that a lack of editorial policy has caused 'problems'.
Indymedia.org began with a very 'hands off' approach to the open publishing model -- posting to the website was effectively unrestricted.
In terms of ideals, the model has served to facilitate what might be called a Chomskian anarcho-libertarianism.
Chomskian whatever, it might also be fairly called a steaming pile of crap.
As more and more IMCs formed and promulgated the Indymedia.org model, unforeseen success also brought with it the attention of the 'radical Right' (loosely defined).
I'm not sure how you define "success" but let me give a more firm definition of the 'radical Right': Nazis.

As a result, the Winnipeg collective have decided to update and enforce an editorial policy, the first draft of which is available here.

Unfortunately, in attempting to find a solution, it seems they are having a hard time identifying the problem.
The greater the prominence of those views, the greater the onslaught of the radical Right. In the past two years, a few IMCs collapsed under constant streams of posts from neo-Nazis and others struggled to put forward pro-Palestinian views amidst organised attacks from pro-Zionism extremists.
One respondent writes:
Is it just me, or were comparisons made between attacks by Neo-Nazis and Zionists?
You weren't. I also saw it.

The response argues:
Am I the only one that sees through the propaganda and realizes Zionism isn't in fact about killing people and only about securing a homeland for the Jewish people? The Palestinian propaganda has attempted to portray Zionism as a pariah cult of blood-soaked Jews when the fact is, the Jews have been the victim of ongoing Arab aggression pre-1948 which continues to this day.

Why are the Palestinians entitled to an ethnic homeland whereas the Jews aren't?

I'm sorry to turn this converstaion into yet another ISrael thing, but it's wrong to accuse "pro-Zionist elements" of attempting to subvert Indymedia when you simply have no proof to support the accusation.

It's quite clear there is loads of genuine anti-semitism passed off as news. Indymedia has done a good job of discrediting itself without placing blame for this on the victims of much of it (i.e. Jews and Zionists).

Also, the far-left (Bush=Hitler crap) is as big a problem as the far right. So much so, it's seriously hard to tell them apart.

It's good to see an attempt by Indy to develop and finalize a policy and stick to it, but it's not right to see the earlier problems aren't fairly identified.

I agree. Other Indymedia sites should watch this with interest.

On the same topic, you might be interested to note what I found by accident on Perth Indymedia. Link at the end.

Keep up the good fight!


preemptive editor note.

by shayne 2005-04-12 4:18 PM +0800
These debates have a tendency to get a bit out of hand, but from the debate needs to happen.

I'll reiterate a little rule on perth and ask ALL sides follow them.

* Posts which use language, imagery, or other forms of communication to
promote racism, fascism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism etc., or any other
form of discrimination.

Now this applies to ALL participants in this debate.
Some things not acceptable:
1) Racism against muslim or palestinian people.
2) Anti Semetism against Jewish and Hebrew people.
3) Comparing jewish people to nazis (or palestinians to nazis). This is NOT acceptable and demeans the verry real tragedy of the holocaust. The lessons of the holocaust is to learn from, not to incite racism. Examples "Zionazi" and "Islamofascist".
4) Blaming ethnic groups for the actions of leaders. That is, palestinians for the actions of Hamas or whatever, nor Jewish people for the actions of the Israeli government.
5) They said, we say arguements. "But Palestinians do this, so we should do that to palestinians" or "the IDF does this so we should push the jews into the sea".

These are all examples of racism. Be better than that.

We are all on this planet together. Keep the debate civil and lay off the racism and ad hominen and we might go some way to finding a way out of this mess.

Many indys have become a mess because of well meaning people acting like racists.

Perth Indy doesnt do things that way.

Shayne (speaking on behalf of himself as an editor)

Link here

Thanks Annie.

That's an interesting (and quite rare) insight from an Indymedia moderator.

I do believe Islamic fascism is real (whereas "Zionazism" is propaganda). It's correct to say the term shouldn't be used generally however in some cases it is appropriate.

Unfortunately, political correctness can sometimes cloud peoples' ability to name their enemy. I am quite comfortable in saying that Islamic Fascism represents potentially as great a threat to Western civilization as Nazism or Communism in their day. Sadly, much of the far-left don't quite get this and indeed supported aforementioned '*isms' as well!
>What is Editorial Policy?<

Editorial Policy


1) A system by which meterial is included or excluded from a publication based on a number of criteria such as being news worthy or truthful

2)Trait which indymedia lacks
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