Thursday, October 19, 2006


Facts wrong, plus point proved

Melbourne Indymedia shows once again why an open source media isn't always the most reliable place to get your news in an article titled "' John Howard is an arsehole'". It starts with:
Dr David Suzuki, the famous scientist, writer and activist spoke today at the National Press club. He called that little shit John Howard what he so obviously arsehole.
Only, he didn't. Comments reveal what Suzuki actually said, which was:
He said if he abused the Prime Minister he would get better coverage.

"If I were to say -- I'm not saying this, but if I were to say -- 'John Howard is an a---hole', I might even get a 10-inch column (in a newspaper)."
Which is much more than just ironic, since Indymedia has an article with that exact same headline running right now. What Suzuki attacks the media over is what the MainStreamMedia hating Indymedia is doing.

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