Saturday, September 09, 2006


Germaine Greer Cops It

Sydney Indymedia is currently hosting one of the most inflammatory threads I've ever seen.

Germaine Greer: Puncturing the National Myth of Steve Irwin

Author, Germaine Greer upset a lot of Australians when she wrote an artical fiercely critical of the late Steve Irwin. The comments on the thread are pretty harsh and there's plenty of them. However, one in particular caught my eye.

Follow the above link, get a taste for the thread and then read this comment.

My name is Alan Rusbridger and I am the editor of the Guardian newspaper

I fully support Germaines right, and the right of all people of the free speaking world to their right of freedom of speech. I don't know who you people are who think you have the right to dictate what others can and cannot say.

I have been editor of the Guardian since 1995 and will not stand idly by as Germaine is viciously attacked for expressing her opinion. I always tell my staff.."Mean what you say.....................And say what you mean!!!"

Many of our forefathers fought for the freedom of speech, bled and died so that we can live free in a free world. Support Germaine and every other journalist in their right to express their opinions. Anyone who criticises her article is obviously not a believer in freedom of speech.

Is it genuine? Someone asks:
A little off topic, but is Alan Rusbriger and the Greer that posted here, able to be verified? I find it thoroughly odd, that the two would make the grammatical error's (sic) they made. (Typo's (sic) as well?)

"Anyone who criticizes her article is obviously not a believer in free speech."

Um, hypocrisy much?
Yeah, that line made me giggle, too. Although it harbours darker sentiments that are once again beginning to define leftwing politics (seems to be a cyclical phenomenon). It's the kind of nonsense that has caused me to move away from the left and occupy a somewhat blighted spot between liberalism and - shock horror - libertarianism. Terrific. I'm a libertarian for socialised healthcare and humanitarian intervention. The New Statesman Left has turned me into an oxymoron. Figures.
Actually, Rev. Dr. Incitatus, you'll find your political leaning isn't as obscure and rare as you think. It just so happens its adherents aren't as vocal as those further to the Left.

The eminently sensible approach, is having a variety of positions on a variety of issues, (e.g. I dislike Bush's policies, however hate terrorists) rather than following a single line of thought (e.g. Bush=Bad, America=Bad, therefore enemies of Bush or America=Good).

None of this has anything to do with the Crocodile Hunter of course, but the far-Left often condemns the US Administration for their "with us or against us" advice to terrorists, yet the far-Left seems to have a similarly divided thought process as well.
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