Thursday, July 06, 2006


Loons Pre-Empted

UK Indymedia reports another vide of the 7/11 London terrorists has been released.
The London suicide bomber's video statement confirms that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a major part of the motivation of the bombers. Milan Rai, author of 7/7: The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War, predicts that this will be effectively censored by the mainstream media.
Thank heavens for Indymedia...

Someone calls for.... An investigation!
Wow, another tape surfaces, a year after the fact, and suddenly, we're supposed to forget the many refuted and exposed LIES told by the Bliar Regime about this incident, and the still-missing key evidence which would exist if the Official Conspiracy Theory - upon which Bliar seized for himself powers the courts had denied him for four years - was true.

An independent inquiry is the only way we shall ever really know what happened, and more importantly, who was responsible.
Somehow I suspect no amount of evidence will convince this fellow. Someone else lends a hand, saving everybody's time:
Boy, when you hitch your cart to a wagon you don't let go.

Can I be the first to say

1. Obvious fake video (see refections etc)
2. Obvious MI6/MI5/mossad/CIA/iluminati fake video
3. He was a MI5 agent.
4. He is alive and well living in Sudan
6. Obvious use of holograms to make video

etc etc etc
Simple. No investigation needed.

In other London news:
7/11 tree planting invite Leeds
3 trees will be planted in Cross flatts park Beeston Leeds a a "symbolic gesture." of solidarity with the Beeston community and it's loss. it will be attended by MP and Secretary of State for International Development Hilary Benn, lord maypr of Leeds Mohammed Iqba.
The tree planting will hopefully bridge gaps within the community and help symbolise the loss suffered by the community on the day.

3 of the suicide bombers regularly visited the park to play cricket and football and local leaders hope this will help bridge the gap
the ceromony will be followed by a 2 minute silence at 12 o clock
All are invited to attend and show solidarity.

It's unclear to me whether they are referring to the "loss" of the three terrorists or something else. Can someone in London help? As previously noted, UK Indymedia is completely dishonest.

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