Thursday, July 06, 2006


Proletarian Spam

In keeping with the previous piece concerning spam, North Texas Indymedia reports:

“Spam is a word that the Americans created to block any kind of information that might denounce the wrongdoings of the higher spheres of Government or of their allied Fat Cats. It is also meant to block any information that might go against their interests, or against the interests of the big industries and entities and institutions and top white collars that exploit the social system.”

Hot dog! Who would have thought that all those emails filling my junk box were actually covert anti-establishment messages!

“Spammers International” (the author of this article) explains:

“Fat Cats and Big Crooks of the established system….You first stop SPAMMING ME with your UNSOLICITED USELESS information and then I'll stop spamming others with VERY INTERESTING and sometimes VERY USEFUL information. Also, you should inform people about EVERYTHING, so that I will have nothing to inform people about.”

I have a better solution: all of you stop sending me crap unless I ask for it! I don’t care if the information you SPAM everyone with is interesting to you, if someone didn’t specifically request it, don’t send it! Heck, I am sure the folks selling Viagra are very interested in their product and the money it will produce for them, that still doesn’t make it acceptable to send it to every email they can get their hands on.

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