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A classic antisemitic article is currently on Melbourne Indymedia.
Whether you love them or hate them, Jews are nothing if not consistent. The first detailed record of genocide (committed by Jews) is in the Old Testament. As recorded in Jewish Scripture, the Jew Joshua claimed that Jehovah instructed him to slaughter the innocent civilian men, women, children and even babes on the tit in Canaanite cities and towns. These acts of barbaric atrocity were not problematic for the Jews of history or today’s Israeli Jews it would seem. One Jewish hostage, Gilad Shalit, and the State of Israel declares war – is this an over reaction or just cultural consistency?
It seems the USA has adopted basic Jewish mathematics, that is, one Jewish life equals millions of non-Jewish lives. Jehovah makes that issue very clear! However, the Jews seem to have forgotten that the rest of humanity doesn’t subscribe to barbaric, genocidal and extremely unfair ‘mathematics’!
the world is sick and tired of the Jews, Muslims and Evangelical Zionist Christians. These three groups are responsible for all the major conflicts in the world today; the vast secular majorities have had enough.
Regardless of the real reasons of such an extreme response from Israel one thing has been demonstrated to the whole world, and that is the brutal racist, barbaric ideology that is at the heart of Judaism.
Disgusting yet typical.

A subsequent comment sums up the braindead denial and conspiracy theorising paranoia that starvs the site of decency:
Is this site run by cops?
by Palestine solidarity activist Monday July 03, 2006 at 12:40 PM

MIM [Melbourne Indymedia] must be some kind of COINTELPRO type operation. There is no other explanation for articles like the above bollocks being contunually hosted here.
No other explanation? Good grief. Is it so much to imagine, just for a second, that antisemites exist and that they use Indymedia to spew their trash? Of course not... To these same people, everything is all part of some enourmous Mossad mind control experiment. No doubt so is a later comment:
Death to Israel.

It's gone too far. There's nothing Israel can do to redeem itself. The nation is a bad accident of history... a Western imposition on the world. Israel will last exactly as long as Western supremacy lasts... it won't outlast US hegemonic power.

Im not averse to the Jewish people having somewhere to hang their hats. I'd like to see the dismantling of Israel achieved peacefully, if that were possible. But Israel has abandoned any right to continued existence. Looks like it'll have to be somewhere else - I'd suggest somewhere on the devastated, ugly North American continent.

I look forward to a day when Israel is no more. Although I may not live to see it, it's not in question.
"Im not averse to the Jewish people having somewhere to hang their hats" - gosh how generous. And I am sure some of your best friends are Jewish as well.

Undoubtedly, the earlier commenter will genuinely believe that comment was also written by a Jew being paid to write such Jew-hating material. It's happened before.

Sick. Just sick.

(Disclosure: The author of this post is a highly paid agent of the CIA. Mossad, KGB and KAOS).

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