Thursday, July 06, 2006


9/11 Predictions

Via Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center come some predictable predictions:This important article by Captain Eric May, founder of the renowned cyber-intelligence antiwar group, Ghost Troop, was published in abridged form by the Lone Star Iconoclast, which is the paper of record for Crawford, Texas, where George W. Bush has his summer residence. It is most striking because it analyzes the dangers of a Bush terror strike in the near future, stating that Texas is the foremost target.Here are some useful acronyms:
The statement makes three key assertions that bear notice and careful examination:
Bush made 911 happen on purpose, he didn't just let it happen.
Bush attempted a 911-2B follow-up attack in the summer of 2005
(interrupted by Internet activists).
Bush needs a successful 911-2B attack to maintain his grip on power
and continue the GWOT (Global War on Terror).
I shall set forth and examine each of these in turn -- adding such details as I know to fill in the picture.

MIHOP strength and LIHOP weakness

Those who argue Bush "Made It Happen On Purpose" (MIHOP) have proved
their points conclusively
, and that those who argue its simply a case of ineptitude are wrong, says the Chicago 911 Statement. According to them, the wrong-headed crowd weakly says that Bush simply "Let It
Happen On Purpose" (LIHOP)
What a BOFI... (Bunch of...)

Via my referrer logs, I also found this blog post which critiques UCIMC.
Don’t even bother commenting on that site. Those people are wackjob moonbats who make the most leftist liberal commenters here appear as rational and logical as a chess program. Any dissent whatsoever brings an avalanche of personal attacks and insults. Basically, its like Daily Kos without all the media hype.
Someone responds:
I found that statement to be funny. I don’t know if DK or UCIMC should be insulted more.
Heh. Other advice:
Don’t waste your time. You will not convince any of those conspiracy theorists. If you haven’t been called a racist or Nazi yet then you aren’t challenging them enough. If you have then you have hit on some nerves, but essentially they are seriously disillusioned individuals who see a government boogie man behind every tree.
And finally, an argument I have often made:
i prefer this site to ucimc even though i disagree with some of the stands. there’s news here everyday, not just opinions.

the indy media center protrays itself as an alternative to the MSM, but you’ll find very little news there — sometimes several days between postings, and then often it’s just an opinion.
An "opinion" which has been repeated verbatim and spammed as such before in many cases.

Did UCIMC editors feature that story? No, they didn't. It was just one of hundreds of articles posted to an open publishing newswire.
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