Monday, June 19, 2006


New 9/11 Conspiracy

Via Miami Indymedia (definitely one for me to watch more closely) comes this report - 9/11: Black Boxes from WTC Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI.

It's all a giant cover up. The FBI has concealed the black boxes (and managed to keep the whole thing a secret) to prevent Americans hearing the awful truth. Apparently the last words heard in the cockpit of the doomed airliners shortly before they hit the World Trade Centre were "Gee , I hope President Bush is proud of us, aim a bit to the left, yeeeehah..."


Comments on the post:
It doesn't matter what "incriminating evidence" is on those black boxes because Bush and his spin doctors would just deny it and their right wing supporters would say it was all just a vast left wing conspiracy! Again truth and documented evidence have no negative effect on the Bush Regime!
On the other hand, apparently it doesn't matter what "incriminating evidence" thousands of people in NYC watched - Indymedia and its morons would just deny it and their loony supporters would say it was all just a vast Bush conspiracy. Funny huh?

The indymedia is nothing but a failed social experiment of giving computer access to those locked in the deepest bowels of an insane asylum.

And the part about the bowels is no pun.
Actually, the 9/11 conspiracy nuts drive even most Indymedia editorial groups crazy. Many have just taken to removing the posts even from the newswire as a matter of routine because it's such an egregious case of one group trying to abuse and spam an open news forum.
Nobody will ever top the one about holograms.
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