Monday, June 19, 2006


Greatest Conspiracy Ever

Via a comment on my previous post, I was referred to this comment from 2003 on Pittsburgh Indymedia which suggests possibly the wildest 9/11 theory yet.

It was all done with holograms.
if you get some of robert shapiros information (sedona journal) he describes the holographic projector as a circular or oval shaped object on the bottom of what ever is carrying it.
this info came out 10 years ago.look at the bottom of flight 175 and you'll see the projector
Even this is too much for some conspiracy theorists and it quickly turns into an all-in looney-fight:
You spam this place with the same old Pentagon images. Yeah, I've questioned the idea that they haven't found, or talked about, even a molecule of the remains of the plane or occupants.

But then you come in here with some sewage over the Towers, and "holograms". What kind of insane asylum refugee are you?

The second plane hitting has been documented from so many angles, both towers witnessed falling by so many people. All those people injured, or at the very least covered in human dust, were "projections"?

Oopsie! I made a funny. We all know how incredibly mentally disturbed Leftists project their infirmity on others....

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