Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Think Yiddish, Blog British

I think it's safe to say Trackback is a dead technology...

Via my referrer logs, I discovered "Judeosphere" which sent me traffic a few days ago and makes for interesting reading. Particularly this article which discusses the differences between left-wing American and British blogging and suggests:
It's ironic, since the progressive press (justifiably) prides itself on exposing the undercurrents of racism that pervade public policy issues, be it the dealth penalty, minimum wage, immigration, or U.S. policies toward Africa, Asia, and the Arab world. But, miraculously, anti-Israelism is the one topic in the public square where the Left proclaims that accusations of racism are out of bounds.

So, we get magazines such as the Nation publishing cover stories like "The Myth of the New Anti-Semitism." What I've really wanted to see is the Left confront its own demons, much as the conservatives did a decade ago when William F. Buckley wrote an essay (later a book) entitled "In Search of Anti-Semitism." (And yes...he found some.)
Go there and read it.


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