Saturday, August 27, 2005


DIY: Indy Journalist Training Facility

Using readily available and environmentally sound materials, Indymedia Ireland demonstrates their field deployable Indymedia Journalist Training Facility. This will allow for the rapid and easy production of the sort of journalism one has come to expect.

Impressive stuff.

Thanks so much for reading my article chaps.
We.unlike you guys,like to foster a sense of community and friendship between one another,and that includes jovial articles on toilet-building projects.
Maybe you guys should watch Sky News sometime,Im sure you LOVE rupert Murdock anyway,their "news" is laden with such frivolous stories as this except their "real" news is irrelevant,controlled channeled brainwashing.
Im extremely flattered that our humble little voluntary network has got you all(that is if there is actually more than one of you) to stop wanking over the keyboard for long enough to read our articles and newswire!
You're just lucky Im bored enough in my capitalist job to bother to waste 5 minutes of my time on your inane babblings.
I guess you are just like you were as a child,force-fed with no will to resist.
You obviously take yourself a lot more seriously than we do.
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