Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Bashing the Truth

BC Indymedia is reporting: US "Homeland Security" Employs New Tactic - Poor Bashing.
Washington — Asking for increased vigilance in the wake of the London bombings, the government is warning that terrorists may pose as vagrants to conduct surveillance of buildings and mass transit stations to plot future attacks.

“In light of the recent bombings in London, it is crucial that police([search]), fire and emergency medical personnel take notice of their surroundings, and be aware of ‘vagrants' who seem out of place or unfamiliar,” said the message, distributed via e-mail to some federal employees in Washington by the U.S. Attorney's office
It referred to a recent incident in Somerville, Mass., in which a police officer became suspicious about someone dressed as a street person. The officer questioned the man, discovered he had a passport from a “country of interest” — typically a Middle Eastern or South Asian nation — and a chequebook with a questionable address, the e-mail said. The investigation is continuing, it said.
And that's it. No one got bashed, except truth in reporting.

Of course, the people who write headlines like that are the first to bash police and intelligence services if they fail to prevent a terrorist attack: 'you ignored the warning signs! Didn't you think it strange that those men were hanging around? Why didn't you investigate them? The fact you didn't proves you were in on it...'
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