Friday, July 15, 2005


The Dreaded But

Referring to the London terrorist bombing, a Buffalo Indymedia writer says:
Of course I feel terribly sad about the people which were killed or wounded in these terrible attacks, but
But what?

But the terrorist attack was really organized by the state of course.
In his article titled : « LONDON : TERRORISM OF CIRCUMSTANCE » located here, Diogène does the excellent following remarks :
English scandal newspapers seem to be very bright. Less than 3 hours after attacks (around 01 P.M) were the evening newspapers ready for sale, these telling in detail that these attacks are indeed the work of al-Qaïda. They should be a bit more careful, because one time they will publish attacks news before their masters finish committing them.
Which suggests the newspapers made the news instead of reporting the statement claiming London attacks.

In contrast, no such criticism is being levelled at Indymedia, who had 'proven' that it was a government plot (pick a government from a list featuring US, Israel and UK) and circulated multiple, highly detailed versions of that story literally within minutes as recorded on this site.

To paraphrase the above author, Indymedia should be careful, because one time they will publish conspiracy news before their masters are committed...

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