Friday, February 23, 2007


Inflammatory and Pointless

A comment on UK Indymedia is a clear incitement to arson.
ARSON AROUND with Auntie A.L.F.
your guide for putting the heat on animal abusers every where
Our contributor has emailed UK Indymedia to draw it to their attention. As yet, it remains visible.

Perhaps it doesn't contravene the multi-dimensional all-purpose polymorphic editorial guidelines?

Budding arsonists can be assured they'll be heroes on Indymedia and regarded as effective activists or, if arrested, "political prisoners", as in the case of Jeff Luers, currently serving 26 years about whom I wrote this.
Bloggers in Iranian prisons are political prisoners. Dissidents in China are political prisoners. Idiots that set fire to things are not political prisoners and calling them as such is an insult to people who genuinely did nothing wrong except think. Sadly, it was the lack of thinking which got him into prison in the first place. Maybe Luers can think about it now (perhaps in the showerblock).

Your headline "inflammatory and pointless" could really apply to UK Indymedia as a whole. They allow such vile stuff to be published, and hide any contradictory or critical comments however neutral or informative they may be, and yet they promote Nazi commentators like the "cartoonist" Latuff, who put up this latest post:
It wouldn't look amiss in der Sturmer would it? And note the hidden comments again.

No sign of the email ....
Yet more about the idiocy and moronity of UK Indymedia.

Look at this thread entitled "BBC World footage from 9/11 announcing WTC7 collapse 23 mins before the event". There is only one hidden comment - from a rational BBC worker who explains quite calmly how such a mistake could have happened and how it's not all a big conspiracy.

One can't have one's conspiracy theories debunked now, can one?
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