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And Another one Gone...

ACcording to a post on Pittsburgh Indymedia:
SFIMC Officially defrocked from the Collective

It all comes out in the end

the ongoing controversy surrounding the articles from SFIMC
and the continuous spam like posting of one of the editors has finally been brought to a Halt!
the IMC collective has taken action on the issue of inappropriate behavior of editors and staff from the renegade
news group in the west.

SF has been suspended from operation in the IMC collective. their equipment is the property of the collective and in the coming weeks will be redistributed to other Imc's with more worthy goals for social change.
the Leadership of the IMC collective wishes to apologize for the prolonged episodes of childish behavior that was allowed to come out of SF. this type of harassment of other IMC's is inexcusable we sight the poor management of this group for the final decision to close and dismantle the site
As with most 'news' on Indymedia, it's difficult to verify its authenticity, however SF Indymedia has been unreachable for some time.

Assuming it's true, SF Indymedia demonstrated how low, the depths an IMC site must reach before others will say they don't want a piece of it. Wow!

Update: Several comments cast doubt over what's actually happened. One way or the other, the site's still offline.

This is a bald faced lie that has been spammed across the network. Indymedia has been experiencing a technical difficulty with one of the servers. This effects a number of sites. Many are only partly functional. Even that wouldn't be possible if we hadn't taken SF-IMC offline to make room for them on another (overworked) server. This problem will be alleviated soon.

See also:
I'd be surprised if anyone would bother to take SF-IMC away from nessie, considering what it had devolved to. Why bother to take away an empty shell if it's already empty? I think it's more likely that nessie's just having more of those technical problems beyond his capabilities to deal with. He'll be back in a month or seven, telling us that the site was down because he meant for it to be down.
Actually, in a very real sense, we did mean for it to be down. It was either that or take a dozen other IMCs offline. We didn't have room for every site when one of our servers went down and we crammed them onto a spare server. SF-IMC is huge. There wasn't room for all of them. We had to make a decision. Seeing as how the website is only one part of what SF-IMC does, and that we get a lot more mileage out of private CC lists and IRC, we decided to use the limited server space we have at the moment to put as many sites as possible online, even though we couldn't make all of them be fully functional. The website is useful for delivering news, but IRC and private CC lists are far better organizing tools. We're organizers. That's what we do. Delivering news is just a means to an end.

Of course, we didn't mean for the server to go down, but hey, these things happen. It will probably be Monday or Tuesday before we can get SF-IMC back online and the other effected sites to be fully functional again. When that happens, rest assured that we'll once again be a rock in the shoe of racists like gehrig. Poor deluded gehrig so wishes we were an "empty shell," that he can't tell the facts from his delusions anymore. "Empty"!?! Gimme a break. If SF-IMC were "empty," there would have been room for its website on the spare server.

And if we weren't making a difference, gehrig and his ilk would simply ignore us. Instead, they attack us at every opportunity. This alone is enough to demonstrate how much of a threat they think we are. We've been slandered, forged, hacked, and disparaged for years. No one wastes that much time and effort on something they think is "empty."

It's a lot of time and effort, too. If you think I'm exaggerating, ask Google. Or, if you don't like being methodically tracked, ask Scroogle
Something tells me that SFIMC will be back. It is not like it takes a huge staff or many resources to run a IM site, so I assume this won’t be the last of Nessie…
This problem will be alleviated soon.


"As soon as I can pull myself free from Smashy's butt crack so I can scrounge the dumpsters for more AOL surplus."
If you think I'm exaggerating, ask Google.

Remember, boys and girls, Google is nessie's friend, ubtil it catches him in a lie.

"What a guy"
by you betcha Tuesday, May. 10, 2005 at 5:32 AM

The Google cache lies. See what he *really* wrote:
Yeah, Right! If SFIMC is so "huge" then why did they take it down to make room for something else?
It's been past time for this low level hippie site to be pulled!
There's been no discussion on imc listservs about SF Indymedia being disaffiliated from the network. The story seems bogus.
But of course it's bogus. The comedy is in Bob Ness's over the top reactions.

What's not so funny is how the rest of the Collective hasn't finally drummed him out after all these years, and they've certainly had good reason to. He spams them and he posts porn redirects (ala Utah, for example) and he lambastes the other editors, all whenever he goes into his frequent megalomaniacal rages, he's sympathetic to NAMBLA, for animal experimentation (against PETA, ALF, ELF, etc), likes guns....

And don't forget that he forced a split at SF. Nope, Bob Ness isn't your garden variety Unbathed indymedia simpleton. Some actually suspect him of being a plant.

We now await the typical COINTELPRO defense from that documented troublemaker....
Editor of the Boston Globe says,"I was deeply moved. I laughed, I cried: The emotions ran so very deep."

And in other new today, City officials are expected to sign into law a new provision which instructs the police to recognizes K-9's as "Amplifyering Happiness Reflectors", thru out the greater San Fransisco Bay area. This action was taken to honor one of our most estemed journalist, who's pulitzer winning article first apeared in the bay area's "Thrifty Nickel" last year, entitled,"Die like a Doggy".
Film at 11;00.
>If SFIMC is so "huge" then why did they take it down to make room for something else?

Because it's only one site, in one city. We consider it better politics to have eighteen sites, on four continents (five, if you count Europe), and an island in the sea, online, even if they are (temporarily) only semi-functional, than to have one site, in one city, no matter how big, online.

By "huge," I am not referring to its relative importance, a hotly debated topic at best, but to the amount of server space it takes up, and to a lesser extent, the bandwidth. There is only so much spare server space available at any given time. It's one of Indymedia's limiting factors. We call always use more servers. Feel free to donate.

When smoke came out of that box, we had to make a choice, and make it quickly. Since SF-IMC overlaps with the tech crew responsible for those particular servers, we were able to decide jointly, and on the fly. It was easy. As far as we're concerned, the good of the network comes first.
Disaffiliation is a very hard thing to do. I think there may have been as many as one -- Brisbane. So nessieland hasn't been disaffiliated. Nessie's claiming it's technical difficulties.

And then there's this:

So I expect SF-IMC to return eventually, in all its irrelevance and decay, and he will find a way within hours of its reappearance to blame the interruption on the Zionists in his cornflakes.
>Smashy's butt crack

This is the level of discourse you promote here, and yet you criticize Indymedia!?!

This is the level of discourse you promote here, and yet you criticize Indymedia!?!


We're just as sorry as we can be that we haven't yet lowered ourselves to the "intellectual" discourse of utter hatred of Jews, that global warming causes severe winters, the CIA and Mossad caused the towers to fall on September the 11th of 2001, bung diving is just okay, bash Christianity but apprease Islam, clones have rights but a fetus doesn't, etc.

By the way, Brainiac, I don't apologize for my writing style. After all, according to the Self Anointed, anything goes, ain't that right? The comment was obviously bait for Bob Ness, but you took it.

The fishin' is always good....
>according to the Self Anointed, anything goes,

Oh, really? Cite the URL.
Oh, really? Cite the URL.

That's the third time you've posted that, AOL bot. And it's hilarious that you ask for a link to the Unbathed's ideology. You know, there's no right or wrong, only shades of gray? You have heard of that, right?

Still, it's nowhere near as hilarious as this:
Hooray! Add another Nazimedia to the DeathWatch. The Philippines is obviously on it's last legs.

By Brian Duggan

For the last few years we have been bombarded with requests to bring back the Nessie Files.
That day has finally come.

In the spirit of mutual cooperation Nessie, and the management of San Francisco Bay Area IMC.
Have set aside their differences and have come to an agreement that will result in the
Return of the Nessie Files!

April 15th 2010 will be the first day of the New and Improved Nessie Files.

For all you long time fans Nessie will stay true to the long time standards
That made the Nessie Files a legend in Indymedia history. So mark your calendars
For this great event.
SF Bay Area IMC
2940 16th St, Ste 216
San Francisco, CA 94103
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