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Another One...

Molly's Blog has given Indy Media Watch a write-up and also performed some interesting analysis on the state of the various Indymedias in Canada. He also notes:
Plagued by a chronic lack of volunteers, old feuds and a never ending volume of spam from anti-semites, conspiracy nuts and campaigners for the Canadian military Winnipeg Indymedia has closed its portals for now.
Steve walks warily down the street,
With the brim pulled way down low.....

Although disagreeing with some of what gets said here - and I guess it's mutual, the site's well worth the read, as are several of the links from that site to Indymedia alternatives. Molly also formed an opinion as to what may save Indymedia:
In the discussions on Winnipeg Indymedia shortly before it was shut down Molly put forward the proposition that not just certain opinions like anti-semitism should be banned but that a whole area of discussion,- the Middle East, its religions and any conspiracy theories connected to same- should be declared off limits, at least for a time. Also that priority should be given to local news. Perhaps only local and national news should be allowed.
I have long questioned the point of multiple theoretically local IMC sites, all saying the same things with little to no local content.
The Indymedias in Canada that are most likely to last are basically those who have come closest to such strictures, those who have taken a hard line not just with the nuts but also with well meaning leftists who think they can solve the problems of the other side of the world by taking one or another side. This well meaning cheerleading is precisely the door through which the neo-Nazis enter.
Inevitably at such a suggestion, some will cry "censorship" (or as likely, that it's a giant Jew conspiracy) and demand the right to post whatever they wish.

We've seen precisely where that approach got Indymedia.

"Inevitably at such a suggestion, some will cry 'censorship'"

irony of ironies

didn't a bunch of people here cry censorship when they weren't allowed to endlessly argue about the greatness of israel on indybay?


see, which was highlighted again recently at
Thank you for proving why being drunk at the keyboard is a bad idea.
smart comeback! but oh so wrong

just ignore the hypocrisy charge, with documentation even. it's cool, if thinking about it makes your head spin
apparently your software is drunk and truncates URLs, so here they are again since it was too difficult for you to interpret the first time:
There's pretty obviously an enormous difference between shutting off all discussion of the Mideast and shutting off only one side. Indymedia sites that did only the latter are dying in droves.

You know how to tell when a terrorist fellator has been on another night long binge?

Check and see if his knees are bloody.
"enormous difference"

yes, and you would be happy to scream down anyone that criticizes isreal's ongoing oppression of the palestinians ("palis deserve their apartheid" ad nauseum). short of that, shut it all down so that those interested in the rights of palestinians have no where to go for a viewpoint that contradicts yours.

allowing zionists free reign to pick at every last pro-pali post is the key to an indymedia website's success? a direct correlation you suggest? conversely, cutting out those who rationalize oppression is the cause of an anti-oppression website's failure? too rich

we'll now return you to this site's regularly scheduled programming of clever comments about inebriation and sucking terrorist (i.e muslim) dick...
how can you tell when someone is a latent homosexual who thinks a little too much about the penises of muslim men?

they leave comments like the last one (or instead of hiding it as a responsible editor, they giggle and leave it there to embarrass this website)
how can you tell when someone is a latent homosexual

Yet another knee-jerk totally unoriginal dime-a-dozen "you're a closet queer" retort from an Unbathed adolescent fuckwit.

or instead of hiding it as a responsible editor, they giggle and leave it there to embarrass this website

I giggled?

I wonder, if I had deleted the comment, whether someone would be wagging his finger instead and accusing me of eevil censorship.
It's Molly here. Sad that nobody commented on what I said in my blog, and sadder that the "conversation" descends to the invective that has appeared here.
For the record, not only am I NOT Jewish but I was 13 years of age before I saw my first "Jew". This whole matter was hardly a matter of great importance where I grew up(in what was basically Saskatchewan "hillbilly country") within a day's walking distance of three reserves and with a brother who was native. I hereby accuse all the fools who babble endlessly about 'Zionism' of being the leftist buzzword "racist" for NOT giving the situation of native people in BOTH Canada and the USA the ONE THOUSAND TIMES more attention as they give to one country at the other end of the Earth. I MEAN IT- ONE THOUSAND MORE TIMES. End of silly discussion. At least Indymedia Thunder Bay has their priorities right.
Yes, the owner of this blog and I disagree. I'd probably be more "pro-Palestinian" than he is, though I suspect that I could find a lot of Jews who were more pro-Palestinian than I am. I have been an anarchist for almost 40 years now, and I don't get these knee jerk reactions to "support liberation struggle X,Y and Z" anymore. I can find things in say Hamas that say they would be much worse in victory than the Israelis are, and I have little confidence that more rational forces within the Palestinian nation will win against Hamas.
I also feel that the best approach to a libertarian socialist society will be built in rather "developed" countries rather than from the ashes of ethnic conflict in poorer parts of the world. I feel that DEMANDS to take sides in such conflicts are counterproductive to the goals of what a socialist movement should be here where it is possible.
But enough rhetoric. Perhaps the owner of this blog can express some positive suggestions for what he thinks Indymedias SHOULD be or what he thinks should replace them.
See ya later,
To the anonymous bloody-kneed mental cripple whining about whether or not anyone gives a flying damn about the Palestinians, allow me to remind you of something - all those Palestinian steaming piles who were caught on camera and seen all over the world cheering and passing out candy, etc, on September the 11th of 2001.

Hurry back, you terrorist fellating asswipe, you and all the rest of the Unbathed slime on an infantile spamming rage at this site, and remind me of why I "should" care.
>shutting off only one side

Should journalists reporting on the Civil Rights Movement have allowed the KKK to tell its side of the story?

Should journalists reporting on America's Nazi underground in the 1930s have let Fritz Kuhn defend himself in print?

Should journalists today give equal weight to the opinions of bin Laden and George Bush?

Should David Gehrig and David Duke get equal air time?
>Indymedia sites that did only the latter are dying in droves.

What does "dying" mean in this context?
"Dying" Means sites are closing, funding is drying up, readership is down, collectives are having to write their own reports about non existent events to try and pretend they are still receiving contributions. Clear enough for you ?

ex IMC'er
molly, the vancouver/bc indymedia -- where the anti-Zionist rhetoric routinely veered straight into raw antisemitism -- has just shut down, reducing the number of active Canadian indymedias by two.

anonymouse: "bleat bleat bleat"

Sorry, I don't speak bleat.

nessie: "yammity yammity yammity."

I think Indymedias should have both sides: on one hand, bugeyed paranoid hacks with a messiah complex and A Problem With The Jews whose posts are largely sniggered at, and, on the other hand, people who are not nessie.

nessie: "What does "dying" mean in this context?"

Take a look at Vancouver, which just shut down with vague promises of reorganization and vague acknowledgements that it wasn't meeting its mandate under the most recent incarnation. And that's only a week after Winnipeg shut down, wasn't it?

What does "dying" mean in this context?

Only a mental cripple like Bob Ness of SF-IMC would ask such a question.

Anything pro-Israel will be immediately removed from his indymedia, which by the way is an extremist pro-terrorist site so dead that he's reduced to going around the globe spamming links to it. IndyBay, which he created through a forced split, now gets all the limelight.

"You guys just don’t get it, do you? Every time you forge or slander "nessie" like this, he posts a disclaimer that includes a link to his site. Every link to SF Indy kicks its Google rating up a notch. Google “indymedia” and see how popular your inept attempts to defame him has made the place. You’re the best thing ever happened to "nessie". Before you, he was a nobody who nobody knew. Now he’s world famous and has more friends than ever. You guys did that for "nessie", and he never even thanked you."

Obviously, any infinitesimal needle movement in page rank corresponds to how much any other indymedia was spammed by Bob Ness. Oh, and yet he has a "fan club". Yep, he'll say anything:

"real job"
by nessie Friday May 10, 2002 at 02:31 PM

I'm a writer. This is my real job, part of it anyway. It doesn't pay directly, but it does pay indirectly by expanding my fan base. I like this a lot. If you have the right fans, you don't even need money. How many fans to you have, Eric? How many of them spent money on you today? Just wondering.

And you, Danny?
by nessie Friday May 10, 2002 at 03:06 PM

How much money did your fans spend on you today?

Just wondering.

(The mental cripple might pathetically attempt to use one of his useless tactics of demanding a URL, but since we know he can obliterate any damning evidence from his pro-terrorist site....)

The indymedia is a failed social experiment, the proverbial room full of monkeys on typewriters, and we're still waiting for that Eternity to pass before there's even one single solitary cogent thought from an Unbathed idiot.
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