Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Even More Anti-Semitism

Jews are apparently still responsible for September 11: "Zinism [sic] and 9/11...truth at last". The concept of "Zinism" makes about as much sense as the poorly referenced article, which is loaded with broken links, but those links that do work are often easily debunked. The author comes up with a lot of crazy thoughts:

Zionists are apparently responsible for all false UFO conspiracies, behind September 11, responsible for Islamic terrorism, posing as 9/11 "truth seekers" to stop the truth coming out, instigating fights in Iraq, ripping off the American government, and - of course - controlling the media. In addition Zionist groups that boast only a handful of members apparently have tremendous influence that outweights the Italian mafia, and the Bush family, despite George W. Bush being the President of the United States.

No further argument from this blog is really necessary.

Amazing !
What do these people fear in Jews so much ?
Why are they so scared of them ?
I've met and talked with European and Israeli Jews and I just cannot understand the fear that the Jewish faith causes in the Left of Centre political world.
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