Sunday, September 24, 2006


Israeli Spies?

Like many people, I believe Hezbollah and Sheik Nasrallah had their ass handed to them by Israel.

However, there are some who argue Israel lost. What I do not understand, is how those who cried the loudest that Israel was being too aggressive, are now gloating that it was defeated.

On UK Indymedia, an article crowing about The Israeli defeat in Lebanon makes an astonishing claim:
The anti-Zionist Israeli Jews opted initially to be conscientious objectors or simply refused to serve. Nowadays they place their hope in Hezbollah. They passed on to the Lebanese resistance all Tsahal’s internal documents which were immediately translated into Arabic and distributed to the guerilla fighters. The resistance, therefore, had detailed descriptions of the Israeli units. Informed of the details of the military chain of command and their insignia, they were able to target the officers.
Meanwhile, via Tim Blair, fear Hezbollah's fiercest supporters.

Can anyone explain how a guy against racism, can also support a group that has called for Death to the Jews?

hizbollox-supporters are the new fascists.

they suck.
Being against imperialism, especially brutal imperialists - Isreal - is not racist.

Supporting Hezbollah though, that's a little pig-headed. It's not fascist though. Supporting USA these days, is fascist, in so many ways.

Here's to Thomas Paine, my hero.
To refer to Israel as imperialistic, let alone brutal at that, is bone-headed and a hilarious testimony to your rabid anti-Zionist indoctrination and the prowess of the ubiquitous Big Arab Oil funded anti-Israel propaganda mill. Israel doesn't occupy any of its neighbors' territories; the disputed territories Judea and Samaria a.k.a. the West Bank have been so since mid 1967 -- there's never been a Palestinian country in these territories nor in Gaza. And you might recall that Israel passed Gaza entirely on to the Palestinians last Aug.

If only these leftists could pull their heads out of their posteriors...
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