Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Zionist Blues

Further to our previous post detailing baseless claims of Israeli experimentation with eeevil blue dye, the same story has been copied and pasted around numerous Indymedia sites (once again begging the question why there are local sites in the first place).

Via Melbourne Indymedia comes more information from the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (AKA International Solidarity Movement)
New weapons being used by Terrorist Occupation Troops including bright blue liquid and a sponge bullet, which places needles within the skin and sucks out blood
Vampire bullets! Is there no limit to the depravity?

A Google search suggests no but returns numerous articles from similar 'Palestinian news services' spreading theories and unattributed quotes about Israeli 'electric shock' bullets, 'burning sponge' bullets and various other novelty bullets as well.

As I originally noted, when Iran uses plain old boring lead bullets against protesters, you hear nothing.

Finally, someone provides proof:
At last, we have scientific, photographic, documented evidence of an evil, Jewish chemical weapons being used on the poor, pacifistic Palestinians.

Palestinian International Solidarity Movement Lies

Only on Indymedia would a story about an army using non lethal weapons be critisised ! But of course these army is Jewish so that makes a difference !
Not many Less Lethal bombs from Hesbollah !
Anyone looking for more information on the ISM and its involvement with supporting terrorists should look at

This has copies of some ISM emails where the all the talk of how they only object to Zionism and Israel is laid bare. Their hatred of Jews and their motivation for seeing them all out of the Middle East is clear is the url for PSM, which is not affiliated to ISM.
Why does the PSM go to such trouble to distance themselves from the ISM?
Sam Wilson, you are wrong.

The URL for the International Solidarity Movement is: as noted.

The PSM and the ISM are identical.
They trade under either names, particularly the former when on campus or in the USA and the latter within Israel and the Palestinian Authority. While other groups are affiliated and the tactics are similar, the URL you have raised is for another organization and not directly relevant.
"the URL you have raised is for another organization"

Yes - thats right its for the Palestine Solidarity Movement aka PSM.

Whilst there are those who think they are the same thing, they are wrong. Different groups, different aims and objectives, and different organisational structures.

You incorrectly linked to the ISM as the PSM.
The ISM and the PSM are the same group. I wonder why certain individuals are here on this blog trying to spread the idea they are not.

Who would benefit from that ?
Sam Wilson said:
You incorrectly linked to the ISM as the PSM.

Your inability to follow links from this blog and draw sensible conclusions, has been previously demonstrated.

You are embarrassing yourself once again. Click on the link to as provided. Read the banner at the very top of the resultant page. It says, quite clearly, "International Solidarity Movement". The link was right, the comment was right, you are wrong.


It would be one thing if you were simply wrong. It's quite another that you manage to be so smug, whilst still so wrong.
From the original post

"Via Melbourne Indymedia comes more information from the Palestinian Solidarity Movement"

The link says PSM - the url is palsolidarity and the organisation you linked to is ISM.

The mistake, mr. watcher, is all yours.
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