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Sydney Indymedia seems to have lost its head, yet again, with "Irwin a holy roller, a Muslim, or none of the above?" For some context, after starting completely elsewhere, Tom McLoughlin is discussing Steve Irwin's non-conversion to Christianity; you may have seen the stories that he had become a Christian, and these have turned out to be false. What follows is bizarre.
Which is a bit weird because earlier drying off from my shower I was musing what literary device I could cook up from the fact on 60 Minutes Steve Irwin admitted to Charles Woolley that he neither drinks or smokes. Does this make him a Muslim, i thought to himself, who reveres Allah's creation? You know a bit of culture jam (in fairly bad taste which has never really stopped me before) of two big PR phenomenon's

1. The sad death of a dedicated wildlife lover (ethologist even - one who studies animal behaviour) and

2. The smearing of a huge world religion of Islam by shallow ratbags like M Devine on Fairfax platform yesterday.
Let's attempt to follow the train of thought here:

1. Steve Irwin is not a Christian, but he doesn't drink or smoke.
2. Therefore, Steve Irwin may be a Muslim.
3. Muslims are smeared.

I cannot claim to understand what led the author of this piece to cover a new topic in each sentence, but we can do something with this. Where was this piece headed? Post your ideas for the next topic-jump in the comments.

"Finally we have proof that Israel planned this all along."

"Do you know who your father(s) are?"

"Karl Rove is bugging my shower"

"MI6 bent my wookie"
The Sting Ray which killed Steve Irwin was a Jew?
Well obviously.
The training of animals by Mossad is well known. We should consider if the death of Irwin was connected to Israeli operations
The stingray was wearing a yarmulke. That's the real reason they won't release the video.
Steve Irwin was a hindu

the CIA stole my slippers

Barry Bonds likes to ice skate

the stingray was a jew

A leftist took a bath? Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.
No, a Ba'th.

Oh, and the BND at my homework.
We all lost. Tom has posted his clarification at SIMC and its actually all about the USA taking over the Philippines in 1898.
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