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An Australian footballer landed himself in trouble for a gay slur on Melbourne radio as reported in the Herald Sun.
NICK Riewoldt should make amends for a gay slur by starting a campaign to stamp out homophobia in the AFL, Victoria's gay lobby says.
Perhaps the campaign can start with Melbourne Indymedia , which reports in this article:
St Kilda star, Nick Riewoldt, has provoked lisping outrage after making a comment vilifying fudge packers on radio.

In a word-association game during the Triple M program The Gospel, Riewoldt was asked to respond to the word "homosexual".

He said: "Die."

The forward apologised and tried to get the comment edited out of the program, which he co-hosts with Jason Dunstall, Nathan Brown and Peter Everitt.

"If I've offended anyone in the pilow biter community I'm terribly sorry," Riewoldt told the Melbourne Community Voice newspaper.

"It was an off-the-cuff comment that I shouldn't have made."

But Victorian Fudge Packer and Carpet Licker Rights Lobby spokesman Gerard Brody said Riewoldt should go further to prove his sincerity.

"He should encourage players and the AFL to come on board and deal with homophobia," Mr Brody lisped.

Mr Brody said he was disgusted by Riewoldt's comment and believed he needed to set an example to children.

"You know, with men putting their penises up the rectums of other men. "

Wonderful examples for children like that.

"It makes me physically revolted, it is just really wrong," he said.

It is not sure whether Mr Brody was referring to riding the Hershey Highway or some other delightful activity.

"It is unacceptable. As role models footballers play a a big role in young people's lives."

"They should be telling young kids it's OK for men to root other men up the arse. It's all healthy stuff."

Cue activist outrage.

{crickets chirping}

Cue lawyers...

More crickets chirping:
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