Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Bad Granola

I discovered the Republican Biker via his links page where he reviewed this blog:
Indy Media Watch

This site is like a "greatest hits" of the various anti-Semitic, conspiracy theorist, and generally whack-job websites that make up the Independent Media Collective (like the "Borg Collective", but uglier with less intelligence). Being able to keep up with what is posted on Indy Media is important because it gives a vivid insight into the "workings" of the left-wing looney minds. But, beware Indy Media is like intelligence liposuction, I wouldn't recommend visiting it everyday. You might throw away your shoes, live in a tree and learn to play the flute.
I'm flattered. I think.

The Republican Biker also has advice on how to tell if you have been smoking bad granola.

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