Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Exposing the Wingnuts

Seeing the headline on UK Indymedia:
Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts, my immediate reaction was: "Finally, some sensible reporting".

UK Indymedia is however having none of that.

The "conspiracy wingnuts" are in fact those who believe, outrageously, that 9/11 was the work of Islamic terrorists.
After rehashing usual conspiracy theories, the author writes:
I believe it is unhealthy to have insane people in charge of the national information highways our children are taught to watch. We need sane media people who look at facts regarding issues, not ones who launch into insane screeds of paranoia to avoid reality.
Like say those who gather around Indymedia?

Comments on the post:
Okay, you've convinced me, there are no other issues worth posting about ever than 911. The few remaining posts and articles that deal with anything else than 911 should be hidden, unless they somehow link to 911. In fact Indymedia UK should really rename itself as IndyMedia 911 to reflect it's position at the helm of truthseeker journalism.

After all, it a quarter of the visible newswire is crammed with this shite then who does it benefit ? It only damages real activism.
Danny, if you keep an eye on the features list you'll notice that two admins have taken it upon themselves to facilitate IMUK being a pro conspiracy as possible and if you check the hidden comments with the ?c=all then you'll find dissent hidden whilst the 9/11 loons get to be as abusive as they like.
On a related post, someone notes:
Personally, tinfoil isn't dense enough for me, I require lead.
Better order some more...

Heh, I had the same exact reaction when I saw the post on LA-IMC: "wow, finally some sanity," then upon reading it, "...oh."
Wingnut is a give away. Lefties use it to refer to right wingers in the same way right wingers use Moonbat.

To call someone a
reichwingnut chimpy mcbushitlerburton is the ultimate insult.
To call someone a
reichwingnut chimpy mcbushitlerburton is the ultimate insult.

Do the Unbathed drones actually think that's an "insult"?

Yeah, right.
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