Friday, July 07, 2006


Ken Lay Alive: May be Zombie?

At Houston Indymedia Center:
“Houston - The sudden, unexpected death of Enron Corp. CEO Kenneth Lay on the eve of his court sentencing, has prompted widespread speculation that the convicted multimillionaire is in fact, not actually dead.”
Oh boy.
"Wrote one blogger: 'Within days, Ken Lay will be on a private beach somewhere sipping mai-tais tea with Ferdinand Marcos, who now goes by the name Rico. And it doesn’t end there. If Saddam Hussein keeps his mouth shut during his trial about US and European involvement in his regime’s worst atrocities, then once he is ‘executed’, he’ll be getting a Thai massage in the hut right next door to them.”
Wow, “one blogger”. Sounds like conclusive evidence.

In fairness to this Indymedia article, it does include comments made by Sergeant Frank Duvalier, a private ‘identity retrofit’ consultant located in Washington DC, that challenges this peculiar conspiracy. Still an odd theory that is presently moving through the asylum.

Update: Grab the tinfoil, your copy of The Zombie Survival Guide, and head on over to

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